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Oct 12, 2012 12:00am PDT
washington, d.c. he cannot give in words his powerpoint if he mentions sequestration oncetor committee as a whole or the motion to recommit eyes will glaze over he's got to stay on offense but at the same time he has to par tri differences between him and governor romney and especially changes that governor romney -- several incarnations that have gone to is going to parry that, not to get into the weeds but parry it. as far as joe biden, i think he's got a tougher but in many ways more simple. he's got to lift the spirits of the spirited -- dispirited democrats. i think he f he does that -- he is the happy warrior, very much so. a lot more so than the president. but he these play both offense and defense. last week the president played neither. by defense he's got to be able to say "this is what we've accomplished." and point out especially in states like ohio and michigan the difference the auto industry has made student loans being -- the interest being removed. the pre-existing condition. all of those things, he's got to do it. and at the same time he's got to go on offense as far
Oct 19, 2012 7:00pm EDT
powerpoint better people that work. and i'm going to continue to talk about a plan because that is what is on the minds of the people of connecticut. it is the primary issue in this race all across the country. so i talk about my plan. the fact that i want to lower taxes on the middle class and congressman murphy has voted to raise them. so we'll have contrasts with the a to go up on television and i'm going to continue to communicate my petition with the people of connecticut. >> so you say you're not embarrassed of any of those that would've aired? mcmahon: now, we are communicating our messages. >> moderator: i was going to remind the question is are you embarrassed by your own ads? said throughout that is going to get off easy there. listen, i'm part of the ads we run and i think the fact that linda mcmahon's campaign is reduced to arguing over b. roll footage in our campaign ads shows you how little she really wants to talk about the issues. you know, linda mcmahon's ads have been vicious and personal, directed at me and my wife and family. and i think this way should be about the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)